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Gas Geysers

Gas Geyser Specialists


Use a Gas Geyser or change to a Gas Water Heater today! With the rising costs of electricity and conventional methods of heating, a gas geyser can save you money month on month.


With a gas water heater, you are not paying for your geyser to be kept hot all the time as the gas geyser works with a pulse igniter that ignites the instant you open your hot water tap. Similarly the second you close the hot water tap your gas water heater stops, giving you hot water on demand.


This is the most efficient method of hot water systems.


Advantages of an L P G Geyser Unit


·         Replace your electric Geyser with an Atlas Instant L P G        

          Water Heater & Save on Energy costs.

·         Economical Hot Water.Energy efficient, Water is only heated

          when required.

·         Reduce your Carbon Footprint.

·         Hot Water available off the Power "Alert" Grid.

·         Long Lifespan & No risk of burst Geyser.

·         No Pilot Flame-Instant Pulse Ignition.

·         Simple & Safe.

·         The "Future" of Domestic Hot Water.

·         Affordable Capital Expense.

·         Optimum performance depends on length of water flow.

·         Full South African Warrantee

·         SABS & SANS1539-2005

·         LPGSA Certified


Suitable for use in:


Normal Domestic Houses, Townhouses, Duplexes, Flats, Laundries, Workshops, Factories, Holiday Resorts, Caravan Parks, Game Farms, Guest Houses, Hotels, Low cost housing, Service Stations, Farms, Doctors rooms



PRICES FROM R1580.00 - Terms & Conditions Apply. E&EO

Sizing Recommendations


·         6 Lt/min: Small Kitchen or Basin/Camping

·         8 Lt/min: Normal Kitchen

·         10 Lt/min: Laundry

·         12 Lt/min: Bathroom with Shower

·         16 Lt/min: Full Bathroom

·         20 Lt/min: Two full bathrooms

·         20 Lt Turbofan: Full household with Remote temp control and microprocessor controlled Variable burners

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